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Tuscan genuine and tasty food is the result of an artisanal work.

Tuscan D.O.P. Pecorino Cheese

The Tuscan sheep breeding dates back to the Etruscan period. In XV century, the Tuscan Pecorino cheese, which used to be called "Cacio Marzolino" since its production started in March and was carried on till the end of spring, was particularly loved and appreciated also by famous personalities, such as Pope Pio II and Lorenzo The Magnificient.

The Tuscan Pecorino cheese, that is created only from sheep milk, can also be grated and can be soft or hard, depending on the seasoning time.

This cheese has a cylindrical shape and a yellow crust, which can differ and become bright yellow for the softer type, while the paste is solid and hard when cut, and its colour changes from white-pale yellow (for the soft and young type), to yellowish (for the semihard and older type).

The taste is fragrant, deep and very particular. The production area covers the whole Tuscany region.


Garfagnana I.G.P. Spelt

Spelt is the oldest cereal among all the known ones, since it was already cultivated in VII millenium b.C. Garfagnana is probably the only area in the Tuscan region where the spelt (Triticum dicoccum) has always been cultivated, thanks to the local fields and climate, perfect for its growing.

Following the strict rules, the growing of the spelt must consider only natural productive methods and avoid the use of chemical substances.

The final product must be kept in suitable rooms without the use of antiparasitics.
After the harvest, spelt undergoes a hulling process which therefore becomes mealy and whitely striped. The productive area consists of many villages nearby Lucca.



Tuscan D.O.P. Ham

Tuscan I.G.P. Olive Oil


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